Alaska has earned its name as the Last Frontier, and the people who live and work here are pioneers in their own right.

As business owners and leaders in Alaska, we face many unique challenges and opportunities. We have a vision for what can be and are often willing to tackle what others might avoid achieving our goals. Our state history is rich with dynamic examples of others like Howard Rock who founded the Tundra Times in 1962, Wally Hickel who fought for statehood, William Hensley who was a founder of the Alaska Federation of Natives, and Ruth Jefford who was Alaska’s first female commercial air taxi operator. They were willing to defy the odds because they believed they could make a difference just like so many business people today. 

But what happens when the vision and purpose get overrun with operational confusion, financial woes, and leadership challenges? That’s when having an experienced, versatile partner like Asset Stream can make all the difference. Our specialty is turning potential into profit. 

A company needs to know its own value before it can be grown, bought, or sold.

Driving value is all about helping you move your company from where it is to where it could be.

All businesses have potential. We represent the interests of both buyers and sellers.

I was immediately impressed with Bob’s vast experience and expertise in the world of business acquisition and appraisal. Bob helped me every step of the way, from evaluating and assessing the business I was purchasing to setting up a short and long-term business plan to establishing my own corporate entity. The help was invaluable.

Dr. Michael Fleming, DC, CCSP

Owner, Active Health Solutions

Asset Stream P: (907)770-3772

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