Reporting Value

You’ve invested heavily in your business. You’ve probably sunk time, emotion, finances, your heart, and your soul. All of those things add value to your company; the question is how much value?

Today’s business climate demands to have current, accurate, and reliable valuation information available to you at a moment’s notice. Companies of all sizes should be constantly asking themselves, “What is my company worth and how can I improve it?” That’s where we come in. We understand there are different motivations for having a valuation done for your business:

  • Valuation can be used as a roadmap for a positive, profitable exit plan. No matter why you are interested in exiting the company, it’s important to know ahead of time what your company is currently valued at and what the potential value is. When we have this data, then we can map out where you need to go for the most profitable and beneficial exit possible for all parties.
  • As a primary decision maker in your company, it is critical to have quality information about where your company stands valuation-wise. This provides you with the right tools to make quality choices to reach higher potential in many areas of the business, for all parties.
  • Every company goes through various growth stages and understanding where your company is at in those stages through quality valuation reports equips you and us to develop effective, realistic value growth plans.
We work with clients preparing for mergers, sales, and acquisitions, bankruptcy, and more. We have legal experience, testifying in the Alaska Court system as an expert witness on matters pertaining to business valuation. If you are a legal specialist and would like to see our CV, please contact us.

Valuation work is multidimensional with many contributing factors. Our process begins with outlining the factors at play, including the purpose of the valuation and a SWOT analysis of the industry and organization. After we have gathered all of the information we need, we begin our valuation depending on the approach your purpose requires, whether that be an asset adjustment, income evaluation, or market-based approach. The complete 5 Step Reporting Value Process is illustrated below.

Having been involved on both the buyer and seller side of due diligence in acquisitions, we have valued clients from privately-owned businesses to publicly–traded companies. Depending on the situation, we can save clients $1000s by simply adjusting and normalizing statements, conducting market research, and developing a reasonable valuation range for their company instead of a full, written report. When we join your team in a long-term, C-level advisory role, we provide business valuation metrics “free of charge” because they are crucial to our ability to make effective financial decisions.

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