I was referred to Bob and his company, Asset Stream Advisers, by another practicing physician to relocate and build a practice in Anchorage, Alaska. After meeting with Bob, now almost 7 years ago; I retained him to be my primary financial and operations adviser & mentor. Our relationship began with IRS recognition and forms, State of Alaska filings, creating legal formation and operating agreements, business/financial planning, setting up financial management systems, and completing the myriad of prerequisite sets of tasks for being in full compliance to operating a private physician medical practice in Alaska. I have practiced steadily, free of virtually any roadblocks, surprises, etc. and I have had the luxury of seeing patients, diversifying my practice, and never encountering any stumbling blocks. In fact the complete opposite. I have had a stable set of contractors, office premises, and have shared wonderful relationships with my business partner and patients and we are now looking into the future of further leveraging our medical licenses and business opportunities. I have continued to rely upon Bob and his team to supply me accurate information in the form of accounting, financial, tax returns, ad hoc financial analysis, day to day operational guidance, and strategic business navigation. Bob has been a wealth of knowledge not only to my practice but to my personal family that is growing. He and his team rapidly respond to any questions or issues that I have and we have built a wonderful relationship together. As my practice evolves, there are always growth options, risk management concerns, legal agreements and relationships, partnership ideas, tax considerations, retirement planning and funding, and more. Bob has always supplied me with quality information about all of these areas and he truly cares about my business wellness 24X7. We have talked unexpectedly on weekends when those needs arose and he certainly goes the extra miles with me advocating all the time on my behalf. Without any hesitation whatsoever I would recommend Bob to other business owners.

Weston Hopkins, DC

We are a closely held family business established in 1970.  We are a multi-division/location bulk fuel distributor, fleet service/repair, equipment rental, and other services organization serving thousands of clients for over 45 years throughout numerous Alaskan communities.

Bob and Tom were referred to us to by a banking group.  After meeting for several hours together discussing our business history, goals, and current situation; Bob subsequently presented an engagement letter that clearly defined the project(s) which we executed.  They were very personable throughout our project and communicated very well and we know they truly were interested in our success. They drove out to our operations and were highly prepared and began meeting with our management team(s)/other partners to diligently gather the information they needed to make recommendations to our company.  The scope of this work was extremely critical and sensitive, both dollar and time-wise, to our family, legal partners, and our future planning of operations. Very rapidly, Bob and his colleague Tom studied the pertinent details of each of our divisions and operations and offered strategic planning proposals focusing on strengthening ourselves to serve our clients more effectively.  We viewed the project also as an opportunity to develop well-formulated budgets for the next year and gain advice from strategic valuators that independently examine on numerous company areas and provide opinions on where they perceive value, growth, and risks.  At the time we were also engaging in a multi-million negotiation with a key supplier on a sales/leaseback long-term agreement.  We also needed some navigation and negotiating with tax agencies.

We were offered discrete paths/plans forward including figures, charts, and graphs outlining primarily 3 business visions/outcomes as well as taxpayer advocacy. This was really the first time that Fisher after almost 50 years in business had engaged someone like Bob who provides objective corporate governance action steps, has strong deal experience which in our case was important for existing shareholder discussions, but is highly well rounded in accounting/financial modeling, accounting systems, tax, negotiations, while being very attuned to a long-standing family company.  I think more middle market owners should retain operational/business/valuation advisers for strategic planning and guidance so that that they govern their business operations and finances with higher potential gaining objective advice from experts that examine benefit stream(s) and commercial risk(s). My family and I certainly valued their valuation perspectives and their advice and strongly endorse them to other owners requiring these forms of services in navigating their operations successfully.

Brad Fisher

Owner/Managing Partner, Fisher’s Fuel, Inc.

Active Health Solutions was formed in 2004. We are a small business with a focus on treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries. We treat a wide variety of complaints but specialize in athletic and repetitive stress injuries.

I started the business with a lot of medical knowledge and very little business experience. I needed help. I was referred by a colleague to Robert Doughty of CFO Growth Solutions. I was immediately impressed with Bob’s vast experience and expertise in the world of business acquisition and appraisal, as well as his enthusiasm for the project I was about to undertake. Bob helped me every step of the way, from evaluating and assessing the business I was purchasing to set up a short and long-term business plan to establishing my own corporate entity.

The help was invaluable.

Over the past twelve years, Bob and the CFO team have continued to be an absolutely necessary part of my day to day operations. I rely on them for my bills, bookkeeping, payroll, payroll taxes and quarterly taxes, year-end taxes, retirement funding, workers comp audits and much more. In addition, Bob has been a constant wealth of information in areas of business compliance and strategic growth.

I am twelve years into the business and have seen success from year one beyond anything I imagined when I decided to take this giant leap. I owe a lot of this success to the guidance and support of Bob Doughty and CFO Growth Solutions. I have been very fortunate to have them in my corner and even more fortunate to have developed a relationship that has gone deeper than just business. It has truly become a friendship based on trust, reliability, hard work and a common goal. I would highly recommend CFO Growth Solutions to anyone who is looking for the same.


Dr. Michael Fleming DC, CCSP

Owner, Active Health Solutions

I began working with Bob in 2004. I was a newly graduated chiropractor working as an associate for another chiropractor and wanted to buy the practice. I realized that as a healthcare practitioner I was very well prepared for treating patients, but was not prepared at all for buying, owning or running a business. Bob was recommended to me by a professional that I knew and respected. Bob has handled all facets of my business including my personal and business taxes, financial and HR advising and decisions, startup paperwork for my licensing and taxes, and monthly payroll and bookkeeping. Over the past 12 years, Bob has also walked me through moving and expanding my business and starting a new branch of practice. My personal experience is that I have two very different aspects of my job. One is treating patients, which I love and am really good at. The other is being a business owner, which I have never developed a love for and continue struggle with. That is why Bob’s service is invaluable to me and my practice. I would recommend Bob as a CPA and business advisor to a novice like myself or a seasoned, successful entrepreneur looking to grow their success.

Interactive Health Solutions

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