“I have practiced steadily, free of virtually any roadblocks, surprises…Bob has been a wealth of knowledge to my practice. He and his team rapidly respond to any questions or issues that I have and we have built a wonderful relationship together.” – Weston Hopkins, DC

We have uniquely positioned our services to come alongside business professionals just like you who are experts in your fields. Over the last 20+ years, we have been fortunate to partner with owners and their senior executives to help move them to the next level through sustainable growth and competitive advantages. You know the potential is there and we can help you turn it into profit!

How can we help you?

Here are some of the things we have been doing for more than 20 years:

  • C-level services (CEO, CFO, COO) for special projects or long-term support 
  • Buy-side and Sell-side representation 
  • Deal structuring and contract negotiation 
  • Organizational structure and culture development 
  • Business and operational transformation 
  • Business valuations 
  • Financial operations support 
  • Merger and acquisition support 
  • Joint venture consulting
If you are ready to embrace the chance to bid on a contract that seemed out of reach before, or to realize greater opportunities because of competitive operations and financial confidence, then we need to connect!

We can team with you to support growth to the next level by contract or enterprise acquisition, overcoming critical and financial challenges, or retaining us for a certain period protecting their transaction investment or supervising your financial department. In some situations, you might need some corporate governance and different investment lenses to regain your vision and purpose.


Passion for Your Success

After over 20 years of working alongside clients from across the board, we know what we do well and who we do it well with. Clients who flourish are engaged, invested, and committed to excellence and honing their competitive edge. When we serve clients who share our passion and values like this, the results are improved performance and profitability for nearly 100% of them!

Alaska is home to huge capital and mineral resources, including some of the wealthiest venture capital and equity groups with international operations. We are headquartered in Anchorage, the business hub of Alaska. Anchorage is a strategic location where Alaska’s leaders come together to connect with each other as well as leaders from the Lower 48.

From our first contact, you will be able to tell instantly that we give 110% to each and every client. We have no singular industry focus, but we have served Alaska Native Corporations in over 50 villages, construction and engineering firms, general services, oil and gas support companies, private physician practices, real estate developers, residential homebuilders, high-end restaurants, seafood companies, timber/logging companies, risk management firms, and more.

How have we helped other companies? Here’s a quick snapshot! Then check out our case studies page for more details. 

  • We played a key role in growing the balance sheet of a diversified economic development company by 400% in just four years. This growth included a $50 million dollar acquisition and dozens of new business partnerships.
  • Our team has participated in 25 buy-side/sell-side merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions that ranged in value from $3 million to $473 million. Many of these deals included key contracts outside of Alaska and with other M&A firms.
  • We were able to reverse years of multimillion-dollar losses for an ANVC private enterprise and increase net profitability over 400% in just 12 months. 

How We Make Money

When we serve as our clients’ Chief Business and Financial Officer, we take monthly retainer fees until the job is done or we are no longer needed. Our decades of proven, Senior-level executive experience in managing departments, operations, and people mean that we often receive calls to respond rapidly to highly complex projects. We have extensive backgrounds with family-owned and privately-held owners, working with them as their advocate, fiduciary agent, and catalyst for strengthening their operations. These relationships are usually long-term, where we facilitate successful exits for family members, employees, and/or other business partners. We are in constant communication with deal-makers, matching our buy-side clients who wish to acquire a profitable operation with our sell-side owners who are looking to appropriately time their exits.

If you would like to see your company’s potential turned into profit, contact us to schedule a zero-risk interview! We will discuss your needs, goals, and objectives and how we can best support your success.

Our History

We were founded in 1996 by Bob Doughty to help companies turn their potential into profit and value. Bob opened Asset Stream Advisers to offer consulting and advocacy to clients seeking to foster a culture of learning to build on their capabilities and leadership within their industry. We partner with high-quality, high-integrity organizations because we know that it takes alignment to achieve success.

1997 |  As early as a year after we opened our doors, we began representing highly-capitalized companies buying operations in and outside of Alaska.

2000 |  Within one year, we added 10 professionals to accommodate demand in Alaska for quality professional work related to accounting, tax, and valuation work.

The early 2000s |  After becoming accredited by the Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA) license through the National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts (NACVA), we did some litigation support work regarding business valuation in the State of Alaska court system as expert witnesses.

2007 |  We worked on a $493 M project on the sell side which launched our firm into the investment banking industry.

2008 |  We became affiliated with The McLean Group investment bank, which has experience advising for aerospace, defense, and government services M&A deals.

Today | We facilitate M&A transactions for other entrepreneurs that have given their lives towards their operations.  For some clients, we act as their chief business and financial adviser and are retained monthly ensuring we are constantly value building their assets.  We grow, protect, defend, and then help owners realize the value of their operations when they are ready to begin the next chapter.

The firms we have been affiliated with are among the most credible investment banking firms in the industry, enabling us to offer investment alternatives and protections to our clients.

My core values and my passion for helping Alaska business owners and leaders have been with me from the beginning. I look to my parents as examples for the kind of ethical advising that helps my clients succeed, protecting my clients and advocating for them with the highest levels of ethics and integrity.

My dad, Bob Senior is a retired Command Sergeant Major, entrepreneur, and sports coach. He taught me continuous improvement and competitiveness from a young age. Through his coaching, he showed me daily how to lead others to perform. As a Command Sergeant Major, he showed me how much he cared about positively affecting the lives of military families. It was from my dad that I learned to always do my best.

My mom, Marge taught me to persevere, be patient and trust that good consequences come from making good choices. She taught me to “show up” every day ready to go.  My mom is a retired Labor Relations Expert with the Alaska Railroad and a former semi-pro tennis player. Both my mom and my dad taught me to be generous toward others. I am fortunate to be able to seek my parents’ counsel as needed in both raising my family and managing my career.

Asset Stream P: (907)770-3772

Any testimonials and case studies presented do not guarantee future performance or success.